Being a beekeeper is more a vocation than a job but it is a difficult one because bees are aggressed from all sides, on the one hand by weather conditions which can weaken the colonies and on the other by the ever-present pesticides. It is more and more difficult to find a healthy area with no pesticides.

We produce mostly lavender honey which enters into the composition of nougat. We transhume our hives to the plateau de Valensole in summer. Once the lavender is on flower, the bees have a little less than two months to fill the supers with this nectar which is so important to our profession.

You will find a variety of honeys on our shelves. Currently, we have around 400 hives that we transhume to the Drôme for our acacia honey and to the Ardèche for our chestnut honey. Our multi-flower honey is a garrigue honey with a mixture of thyme, rosemary and other melliferous flowers from our Provencal landscapes.